FBI is an acronym for Fischer Brothers Industries, Inc. owned and operated by Johnnie Fischer based in Fort Myers, Florida. A licensed and insured State Certified Building Contractor; License# CBC 1256031. Providing services in South, Southwest, Southeast and Central Florida. We are a design-build environmental company specializing in the remediation and logistics of shoreline stabilization and restoration along with lake ecology and stormwater management. We are well known in the industry for our outstanding client services and strive to offer an attention to detail that our competitors simply just cannot match.

Basic Principles Of Proper Lake Bank Slope Construction

 Start of a correct build out with lime rocks.

Slope foundation

We pride ourselves on our design-build aggregate constructed slopes. The key to permanent long lasting lake bank slopes are lime rock boulders that are incorporated and driven into to the existing sub-soils to create a toe hold. What is going on below the water is just as important as what's above. The toe hold is key to creating a sufficiently extended permanent littoral shelf for aquatic plantings. Restoration methods utilizing sand, Geo-tube and Shore-sock will not create the proper permanent littoral shelf that will allow the littoral and emergent plantings to multiply and thrive, which are essential in lake ecology along with maintaining slopes. A viable, functional correctly planted and maintained littoral shelf will stop wave action from wind and surface driven erosion from rain, further stabilizing the slope.

      Proper slope compaction is essential.

Slope Compaction

SFWMD permitted lakes are specified at minimum 4'-1' and must be maintained at that slope to stay in compliance with city, county and state entities. Areas less than 4'-1' will require another equal section at minimum 6'-1' and 8'-1', with the same principles applying to seawalls. We construct nothing less than a 4'-1' and address issues above the slope where problems often start. Optimizing  lake levels utilizing a pump is critical to properly construct a slope. During construction dewatering provides visibility and allows for the essential vibratory compaction of a properly constructed slope. Minimum vertical 4'-1' slope requirements are 1' above and 2' below lake control elevation. This slope along with a large boulder built toe hold will create a viable shelf for the littoral plantings to thrive and spread out around the entire lake. 

  Completed 4'-1' slope before vegetation.

Slope Completion

Our finished product before vegetation installation yields a true 4'-1' with no slope issues above the lake control level, along with proper extension of the 4'-1' shoreline below the control level out to the toe hold. Pictured above is an aggregate constructed 4'-1' slope properly extended below the water line with a toe hold creating a stable, viable littoral shelf. This method of slope construction is the best defense against riding lawn mower traffic and helps to defy the physics of a typical sand constructed bank. The green covering is Curlex, a biodegradable turf reinforcement matting that will protect the bank until the vegetation roots in and stabilizes the slope. Littoral plantings are also essential in removing contaminants such as fertilizer, motor oil and detergents that enter the lakes through stormwater runoff. 


We are a full service design build company.


Environmental Concerns & Planning

Our greatest sustainable natural resource is water. Your community's lakes should be given equal or greater attention than your highly visible entry ways, right on ways and medians. We all have a part in protecting our planet and need to focus attention and resources to further balance development and nature. Businesses, management companies, home owners associations and individuals need to do their part to prioritize resources and services to protect and sustain Florida's most precious commodity.


Ecosystem At A Glance