Time Tested & Proven Sustainable Solutions 

Fischer Brothers Industries is a premier specialty contractor providing comprehensive, expert solutions for complex, challenging projects. We provide a wide range of design-build services specifically for the exact needs of each client. Our licensed, certified, and highly qualified team provides a full scope of remediation and logistical services for assessing, stabilizing, restoring, managing and maintaining Florida’s shorelines, lakes, canals, wetlands and storm water systems.


Our wide variety of solutions include:

  • Project Assessment, Terrain Geology and Lake Ecology Inspections
  • Professional Teams for: Consulting-Inspections-Design-Build-Project Management-Maintenance
  • Implementation and Management of Viable, Sustainable Construction Methods & Maintenance Plans
  • Lake and Canal Bank Stabilization and Restoration
  • Aggregate Constructed Lake Banks, Slopes Swales and Retention Berms
  • Hardened Riprap Shoreline Installations
  • Geo-Web Cellular Confinement System Installations
  • Flexamat Installations
  • Tied Cable Concrete Block Matrix Installations
  • High Performance Turf Reinforcement Matting Installation
  • Riparian & Emergent Plantings Installation
  • Floating Vegetation Island Installations and Maintenance
  • Stormwater System Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance Plans
  • De-watering & Optimizing Water Levels For Construction Activities  
  • Sediment Dredging of Lakes & Canals
  • Mechanical Harvesting of Aquatic Vegetation and Exotic Nuisance Species
  • Fountain & Aerator System Installation & Maintainence
  • Littoral Shelf Maintenance
  • Lake Ecology Maintenance
  • Post Restoration Construction Maintenance Plans

We Do Not install or recommend Geo-Tubes, Geo-textile Filter bags or Shore Sock applications. Although very popular among erosion restoration contractors due to their simplicity and feasibility, we do not find them to be viable, sustainable, permanent stabilization or restoration solutions. 


Our Professional Teams Understand The Delicate Balance Between Development & Nature And Strive To Use Science To Design, Implement & Maintain Sustainable Ecological Solutions As Florida's Population Continues To Integrate With Our Natural Ecosystem.