Who We Are

Fischer Brothers Industries, located in Fort Myers, FL, is a design-build environmental company specializing in residential shoreline stabilization, restoration, lake ecology and stormwater management. Starting as a sole proprietorship in 1994 and incorporating in 2002, we have provided our professional services to private residences, Homeowner Associations, commercial enterprises and Government entities for over two decades. Our design build team employs professional engineers, geologists and scientists to create and field supervise our expert crews to construct a long term shorelines solutions and maintenance programs that will last for generations..

We pride ourselves on our aggregate constructed lake banks that incorporate a natural looking finished product with littoral plantings. These plants are key and essential to maintaining the ecological balance and health of your lakes. Littoral and emergent plantings, along with our storm water system maintenance and lake ecology management plans will stabilize and protect your most valuable natural resource; your lakes.


Our Philosophy & Principles 

Our philosophy is quite simple; we believe that retention lakes should not be treated like swimming pools. The practice of dumping chemicals on a set schedule and only addressing issues when they can no longer be ignored is not acceptable and is no way to treat a life sustaining environment. There was an ecosystem on your property before land development created an integration of habitation and nature.

During development so much is taken away and as development in Florida continues it is more critical than ever to give back to the environment and help balance the residual sustainable natural resources. Efforts to maintain this balance can be achieved through the science of lake ecology, littoral and emergent plantings along with proper ecological planning and maintenance.

Through years of trial and error we have developed a strategy implementing best management practices to assess, design, construct and long term maintain each community's specific environmental needs. We will continue striving towards improving the way we diagnose, address and manage Florida's natural resources.


The Key To Our Sucess

In environmental work, the key to a successful restoration project is preparation focusing on geology, science, engineering, planning, construction methods and ecology maintenance. In almost all cases a proper environmental study requires multiple site visits to conduct a thorough site inspection to determine slope geology, stability, erosion and causes. Along with an in depth assessment of lake ecology, littoral plantings, water level fluctuations and hydro-graphical data including bathymetry to comprehend underwater elevations and conditions.

The crucial data from these studies will be used to create solutions to remediate the non compliant conditions feasibly and efficiently. Data will also provide our design-build team a template to construct site plans with proper material quantities to limit change orders during construction. The statistical data collected from the study and construction activities will allow us to create and implement a long term maintenance plan of your lake and storm water system. The maintenance plan will require consistent inspections to monitor the performance of the drainage system, slopes, littoral plantings and lake ecology.


Secondary Ecosystem Perspective